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why is it that it only works 6s i have the 5s my being the girl i am didnt read the reviews i bought an app that i cant use


I luv this app!!


Horrible doesnt even work. I want my money back tbh

Review for ILive Pix

This app is ok if you figure it out properly

Bryson Jackson 1

Yes it is really cool app! And I love the new update. I have to say that the live wallpapers are so amazing. Finally the age of colorful live wallpapers comes. And what’s more cool, you can see the backgrounds moving. It really happened. I have been using this app since I got it. And I enjoy it. I also recommended it to my friends and family.

Got potential.....

Its worth checking out but it should have been 99 cents for the initial selection of wallpaper. They are good but not as seamless as the apple ones. My suggestion, make them look less like gifs playing over and over. And give better selection.

Doesnt work

This app does not work these images are supposed to be moving and they are not this app should not be in the App Store and do not download it. It doesnt work


It isnt live


It looks so great and all but this stuff is supposed to move and it doesnt. It is a waste of money! Dont buy it!!!


This app only works for 6s and 6s plus... Shouldnt allow u to buy if not compatible with phone. Theives


They only move with an iPhone 6 I made the mistake of not checking and I lost $2 and all I have is a red sheep in mid air


This app has many variations of wallpapers and impresses my friends with every wallpaper


Do NOT buy this app unless you have an iPhone 6 or 6s. It wont work on any other devices.


Only compatible to wrk with 6s or newer. I have a 6, so I wasted 2 dollars

IPhone 6s only

Idiots everywhere you should know that it doesnt work with live


Apparently this app only works for an IPHONE 6s NOT just a 6. You have to have 3D Touch available.

Review on app

This app is amazing if your looking for new live wallpaper for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus!! This app has a large variety of fun cool looking live wallpapers!

Bad app

This is not what they show


I’m using this app everyday on my iPhone 6s and it works really well. Beautiful and elegant live wallpapers make my iPhone more different from the others. The photos are so awesome and there is a lot of variety to choose from. Worth the price and so much better than the other ones on App Store that I had before. It deserves 5 stars.

Really Like it

This wallpaper app is better than any other apps I have!! The only downfall is I wish there more wallpapers for girls...but a really great app!